Come and meet Jeff Leatham at LOVESTRUCK 2012!

LOVESTRUCK is proud to announce our very special guest for 2012…Jeff Leatham!


Ahhhh….We needed that!

We’re back after a much needed restful, yet busy holiday season with our families! Our children were spoiled, we had an engagement in the family AND a pregnancy announcement! All so exciting! It makes working so hard totally worth it when you can take time off with the ones you love.

We’re working on details for the show and have an amazing couple of announcements to make very soon…I think we are almost through all the red tape…so hang tight!



First 10 Vendors to sign on to the show, Recieve almost 50% savings!

On October 14th, 2012 Come meet with, spoil and pamper our fabulous brides. Be one of the first 10 vendors to sign on to the show from now until December 31st and receive UBER early bird pricing of $875 + $100 gift bag fee! Thats an almost 50% savings…just for being organized!

After that the prices and deadlines are as follows:

After December 31, 2011 (or after the first 10 sign on…whichever comes first) $1075 + $100 gift bag fee

After February 29th, 2012……………$1275 + $100 Gift bag Fee

After May 31st, 2012……………$1475.00 + $100 Gift bag fee

After August 31, 2012……………$1575.00 + $100 Gift bag fee

So get that paper work in early…and save NOW!