Wedding season is winding down and after the champagne has lost it’s bubble and the dress is hanging in the closet you may find yourself feeling blue…it’s true! Once the big day has come and gone, the spotlight is removed and many couples (up to 1 in 10) go through some sort of “depression” referred to as “postnuptial depression”. Part of the problem is unrealistic expectations of married life and the other is just the sense that life has gotten “back to normal” and that there is “nothing to look forward to”. Some brides feel a gap in their day to day life and wonder where to focus their extra time and energy when not planning the big day!

So what do you do if you’re feeling blue? Here are some helpful tips to make sure you have a happy, stress free time after the wedding:

1) Redirect your energy on each other! Plan date nights, and activities, with more time available now that the wedding plans are through, plan to spend quality time together!

2) Get plenty of rest and eat right…nothing fends off the blues like a happy healthy body!

3) Plan dinner parties, and gatherings with friends and family! All these new found event planning skills need not go to waste! Plan a dinner party, Halloween party or other!

4) Throw out those wedding magazines or donate them to the “next bride”, don’t dwell on the wedding, move forward and start to focus on all of these wonderful things in your married future that you have to look forward to such as children, traveling, renovations perhaps!

5) Remind yourself that all of your spouses annoying habits are not going to magically disappear after the “I do’s”. That married life is not a fairytale but a promise…a promise to love and cherish each other, to support and honor…remember that communication is key and that together you are a great team! Your life has just begun…enjoy!