It seems to me the days of spending excessive amounts of money on a wedding are coming to an end? The focus seems to be back on love, and family and togetherness and you know what…that is “A” OK with me! Now don’t get me wrong, lush extravagant weddings are amazing…but not everyone wants to splurge on such things or can afford to for that matter!
DIY weddings are becoming so popular the trend is sweeping the nation, hand making items puts the focus back on what matters, and increases quality time with family and friends over a nice glass of wine, living, loving and laughing…together! Check out this site I found (and just LOVE) with all kinds of idea’s, free down-loadable templates, and a ton of resources…enjoy!

They have step by step instructions on how to do it yourself!

And tons of other crafty project templates to download…here are a few samples of the items they have!

Photo Credit ~ All photo’s courtesy of DIY weddings! Become a member (for free) and have access to their templates and resources now…Happy Planning!